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Happy Birthday Quotes and Sayings

“Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, happy birthday..”. We all know the song from Stevie Wonder, or perhaps “happy birthday Mr. President” from Marilyn Monroe. Both songs represent the celebration that is someone’s birthday. But what if you don’t have the vocal talent to sing it to the person you love? Well, fortunately for you we have compiled this list of the great happy birthday quotes and sayings.

Our list of birthday quotes includes both funny and sentimental quotes that might be appropriate for different people and different situations. At Quotes Hunger, we know that wishing people happy birthday can be said differently depending on who that person is in relation to you. With this in mind, our compilation of birthday quotes and sayings includes birthday quotes for loved ones, famous birthday quotes and funny birthday quotes to allow you freedom to choose..

So, have a look through our top birthday quotes and sayings and let us know in the comments section which you like, and which you don’t..

1. Happy Birthday – I can never thank God enough to have sent you for me in the form of an Angel. Thank you for filling our home with so much happiness..

happy birthday quotes and sayings

2. It doesn’t matter how far you go in life, or how much material success you achieve. What is really important is how many people’s lives you touch. May God give you the chance to touch a million lives. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday quotes blessings

3. May your birthday bring a smile to your face, happiness to your heart and many blessings to your life. Happy birthday to you!

 birthday quotes and saying happiness

4. Funny Happy Birthday Quotes – May your Facebook wall be filled with messages from people you never talk to..

happy birthday sayings funny

5. Famous Happy Birthday Quotes – The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate – Oprah Winfrey.

famous happy birthday quotes oprah

6. Happy Birthday Quotes and Blessings – Wishing you a blessed and happy birthday. From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another..

happy birthday quotes and blessings

7. Happy Birthday Quotes and Poems – May you have all the joy your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring, all the blessings life can unfold, may you get the world’s best in everything.. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

happy birthday quotes poem

8. Happy Birthday Quotes and Poems – Hope your special day, brings you all that your heart desires. Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy Birthday!

happy birthday quotes and blessings

9. Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes – On this wonderful day, a star of pure love, appeared to be my gift, my present and my future.. you! Happy Birthday!

happy birthday quotes love

10. Cute Happy Birthday Quotes – Just peeking in to say.. Happy Birthday!!

happy birthday quotes cute


11. Happy Birthday Quotes and Blessings – For through wisdom, your days will be many, and years will be added to your life. May you be blessed on your birthday with a year full of love, joy and happiness. Happy Birthday!

 happy birthday quotes and sayings blessed

12. Happy Birthday Poems – Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend, You’ll be special to me until the end. Celebrate today and know this is true, my life has been blessed, because of you. Happy Birthday!

 happy birthday quotes for friends

13. Happy Birthday Quotes and Poems – I have a present for you, no-one has ever got, Happy Birthday my love, I give you my whole heart..

 happy birthday quotes heart love

14. Happy Birthday Poems – Happy Birthday Friend

 happy birthday quotes friend

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