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Bank Holiday Weekend Quotes

We all love the bank holiday weekend. Who wouldn’t? An extra day off work to spend with family, friends or just chilling out at home while being paid. Everyone seems to be out for a good time over the bank holiday weekends, and they are even better when the sun is shining like the August bank holiday weekend.

To celebrate the upcoming August bank holiday weekend, we have gathered the best bank holiday weekend quotes from around the globe onto this page. Celebrating this bank holiday weekend with friends and family? Check out these quotes that capture exactly how you are feeling. Glum about the Monday blues after the bank holiday? These quotes should cheer you up! Check out the best bank holiday weekend quotes we have below and let us know your thoughts..

1. “Every weekend should be a three-day weekend..” – Have to say we agree with this one…


2. “Happiness is.. not having the alarm set for the next day..” – Which is something you can enjoy this bank holiday Monday..


3. “I see it approaching.. the much-awaited, deeply desired.. LONG WEEKEND! – Woo hoooo!


4. “I’ll take care of it after the long weekend”, said Everyone. Guess what? Happy Tuesday! – We’ve all been there, the build up to the bank holiday weekend comes and goes and before you know it… Tuesday again!


5. “The only thing better than a long weekend is that it’s followed by a short work week..” – Amen to that!

bank-holiday-weekend-quotes-short week

6. “Yay, long weekend!! Shut up, I work in retail..” – Unlucky for those of you that work in retail, the bank holiday is probably your most hated time..


7. “Today I will do absolutely nothing..” – Said everyone on the Friday before the bank holiday weekend..


8. “More sleep, more music, more tea, more books, more sunsets, more creating, more long walks, more laughter, more hugs, more dreaming, more road trips, more fun, more love..” – All made possible on a long bank holiday weekend, more fun times for more days!


9. “Lovely, lazy, long weekend..” – Something we are all looking forward to, no Monday alarm, no Sunday evening blues.. Bliss!


10. “How bad is your bank holiday fear..?” – The Bank Holiday Monday fear. The long weekend is over, back to work tomorrow and all you want to do is go back in time to Friday and start it all again!


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